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100 most popular baby names of 2010

Sophia knocked Isabella off her throne this year and elbowed her into the number 2 position. Aiden, meanwhile, rules the boys' list for the sixth year in a row.
New to the top 10 are Abigail, who floated up from the 11th-place spot she held last year, and Liam, who bounded up the ranks from his former spot 23.
To find out which names could be the future favorites and which are flaming out, read about the names that rose and fell the fastest this year. We've also got the scoop on this year's hottest naming trends.
See the top 100 baby names in our list below, and click on each name for its meaning, its popularity over time, similar names, and more.
Note: To capture true popularity, our exclusive baby names list combines names that sound the same but have multiple spellings (like Aden, Aiden, and Ayden). Our data comes from hundreds of thousands of parents who shared their baby's name with us in 2010.
Girls' Names          Boys' Names

1 Sophia               Aiden

2 Isabella             Jacob

3 Olivia               Jackson

4 Emma              Ethan

5 Chloe              Jayden

6 Ava                 Noah

7 Lily                 Logan

8 Madison         Caden

9 Addison          Lucas

10 Abigail          Liam

11 Madelyn        Mason

12 Emily            Caleb

13 Zoe              Jack

14 Hailey          Brayden

15 Riley            Connor

16 Ella              Ryan

17 Mia             Matthew

18 Kaitlyn         Michael

19 Kaylee         Alexander

20 Peyton         Landon

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Sophia and Aiden lead BabyCenter's Top 100 Baby Names of 2010 user

Sophia and Aiden lead BabyCenter's Top 100 Baby Names of 2010

by BabyCenter, on Thu Dec 2, 2010 11:41am PST

Please step down, Isabella. Sophia is taking your place as the most popular girl's name of 2010.
Congratulations, Aiden. You've held onto the number-one boy's spot for the sixth year in a row.
Welcome to the pack, Liam and Abigail. You're now officially a part of the coveted top 10.
BabyCenter released its list of the Top 100 Baby Names of 2010 today. The online parenting and pregnancy destination compiled some 350,000 baby names and combined those that sound the same but have different spellings (such as Sophia and Sofia) to create a true measure of popularity.
Top 10 Girls’ Names of 2010











Top 10 Boys’ Names of 2010










What's influencing baby-naming parents? Parents turned to pop culture, politics, a bygone era, and the ever-popular Old Testament for inspiration. Here's a look at the Hottest Baby Name Trends of 2010:
Glee's cheerleader queen Quinn may be mean, but her name is certainly popular, jumping up in the ratings a whopping 60 percent. Finn, Jenna, and Lea are also singing a happy tune.
The critically acclaimed drama Mad Men has struck a nerve with the American public. Dishy Don (as in Draper) inched up the charts, and his ex-wife is bringing the cool back to Betty. The silver-haired fox Roger rose 21 percent, while his wife, Jane, also gained popularity.
The names of the moms on MTV's reality show 16 and Pregnant are also popular: Maci, Farrah, and Katelynn are up by 60, 51, and 7 percent, respectively.
Sarah Palin's daughters' names – Bristol, Willow, and Piper – are climbing the ladder, but the name Sarah is actually in decline.
The golden age of film (think 1930 to 1959) played a starring role in this year's list. Audrey, Ava, Scarlett, Evelyn, Vivien, and Greta all got rave reviews.
Parents are reaching back for names…way, way back to the Old Testament. Jacob has made the BabyCenter top ten for the past ten years, while Levi, Caleb, Elijah, and Jeremiah are rising in the charts. For more about the hottest trends see BabyCenter’s Baby Names Special Report of 2010.
What about names below the top ten? Some are flying up the list, while others are spiraling downward.
Newcomers who broke into the top 100 include Annabelle (69), Stella (72), Nora (83), Jeremiah (90), Hudson (96), and Ryder (97).
Ellie, who leapfrogged 26 spots to come in at number 61, is a rising star.
So is Charlotte, who was bumped up 20 to number 38.
And then there's Grayson, who enjoyed a 25-spot jump to land at number 66.
Some names lost a lot of ground. Brooke shot down 23 spots to number 82, while Hayden tumbled 20 spots to number 91.
Ashley and Brendan exited the top 100 entirely.
What's up for next year? BabyCenter uses a top-secret algorithm to unearth the names that are likely to become even more popular in 2011.
Of the top 100 girls' names from 2010, it looks like Layla, Lila, Evelyn, Charlotte, Lucy, Ellie, Aaliyah, Bella, Claire, and Aubrey will continue to rise in 2011.
Of the top 100 boys' names from 2010, BabyCenter predicts that Eli, Colton, Grayson, Wyatt, Henry, Mason, Landon, Charlie, Max, and Chase will gain momentum in 2011.
And what about names that haven't even broken into the top 100? Who will be next year's newcomers?
Among the less popular names now moving up the girls' list are Isla, Adalyn, Giuliana, Olive, Kinsley, Evangeline, Paisley, Vivienne, Maci, and Kinley.
And although Bentley, Kellan, Kingston, Aarav, Ryker, Beckett, Colt, Paxton, Jax, and Lincoln are well below the top 100 on the boys' list, they're all fast climbers.
Find out more about the top baby names of the year, the hottest trends, which names are up and which are down, and more, in BabyCenter’s Baby Names Special Report of 2010.


The most popular names in Bulgaria are Georgi and Ivan

Има най-много Жоровци и Ваньовци у нас
06.01.2011, 12:42 (обновена 06.01.2011, 13:11)


Личните имена на постоянно живеещите в страната български граждани са повече от 67 хиляди, съобщиха от НСИ. Разнообразието на имена сред жените е по-голямо от това при мъжете. Повече от 29 хиляди са личните имена, които се срещат при мъжете, а за жените те са около 38 хиляди.
Най-разпространените лични имена сред мъжете са Георги - 174 хиляди, или 4.8% от всички мъжки имена, и Иван - близо 173 хиляди, или 4.7%. Следва името Димитър - 131 хиляди (3.6%).
Класацията на най-разпространените мъжки имена продължава с Николай - 2.5%, Петър - 2.2%, Христо - 1.8%, Йордан, Стефан, Васил, Тодор, Стоян, Александър и др. От всички мъже близо 1,503 млн. (41%) притежават някое от 25-те най-разпространени имена.
Разнообразието на имената при жените е много по-голямо. От всички жени 124 хиляди носят името Мария (3.2%). На второ място по разпространение сред жените е името Иванка - близо 71 хиляди (1.8%).
Следват: Елена - над 57 хиляди (1.5%), и Йорданка - 44 хиляди (1.1%). Сред най-често срещаните имена при жените са имената Росица, Даниела, Петя, Десислава, Виолета, Надежда, Маргарита, Стоянка, Румяна, Стефка и др. Около 873 хиляди жени, или само 22.3%, притежават 25-те най-разпространени женски имена.
При мюсюлманите най-често се срещат женските имена Фатме и Айше и мъжките Мехмед, Ахмед и Мустафа.
Със съвременните поколения настъпва изменение в структурата на използваните имена, отчитат от статистиката. Все по-често децата се кръщават с по-непопулярни имена като Габриела, Никол, Ванеса, Анелия, Ивана, Даниел, Кристиян и Виктор.
Към момента на Ивановден празнуват повече от 300 000 българи, на Гергьовден повод да почерпят имат още 200 000, а 150 000 - на Богоявление.