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100 most popular baby names of 2010

Sophia knocked Isabella off her throne this year and elbowed her into the number 2 position. Aiden, meanwhile, rules the boys' list for the sixth year in a row.
New to the top 10 are Abigail, who floated up from the 11th-place spot she held last year, and Liam, who bounded up the ranks from his former spot 23.
To find out which names could be the future favorites and which are flaming out, read about the names that rose and fell the fastest this year. We've also got the scoop on this year's hottest naming trends.
See the top 100 baby names in our list below, and click on each name for its meaning, its popularity over time, similar names, and more.
Note: To capture true popularity, our exclusive baby names list combines names that sound the same but have multiple spellings (like Aden, Aiden, and Ayden). Our data comes from hundreds of thousands of parents who shared their baby's name with us in 2010.
Girls' Names          Boys' Names

1 Sophia               Aiden

2 Isabella             Jacob

3 Olivia               Jackson

4 Emma              Ethan

5 Chloe              Jayden

6 Ava                 Noah

7 Lily                 Logan

8 Madison         Caden

9 Addison          Lucas

10 Abigail          Liam

11 Madelyn        Mason

12 Emily            Caleb

13 Zoe              Jack

14 Hailey          Brayden

15 Riley            Connor

16 Ella              Ryan

17 Mia             Matthew

18 Kaitlyn         Michael

19 Kaylee         Alexander

20 Peyton         Landon

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