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Конкурс за специализация в Полша


SCHOLARSHIPS for PERSONS from ABROAD CONCERNED with RESEARCH at POLISH SCIENTIFIC CENTERSThe MIANOWSKI FUND in co-operation with FUNDATION FOR POLISH SCIENCE offers a scholarship scheme for researchers and scholars from abroad, mainly from Central and East European countries, interested in research at Polish scientific centers. It is indicated that candidates contact the relevant institution prior to application.
Grants may cover periods of time ranging from one to twelve months. The monthly grant is approximately equal to an average monthly salary offered to a person holding a corresponding post in Poland plus the costs of accommodation at a level not exceeding that of an academic hostel. In exceptional cases a part of travel costs may also be covered by the Found.
Applications submitted by persons concerned should be accompanied by documents listed below:
1. Personal questionnaire 2. Curriculum vitae 3. List of publications in the last five years 4. Information about candidate's knowledge of foreign languages 5. Characteristics of intended research project 6. Letter of recommendation from an institution or organization wishing to receive the candidate 7. Letters of recommendation from two persons of renown scientific/academic authority 8. Information about any other sources of financial support during the candidate's stay in Poland.
It is desirable that the documents listed above be written in Polish. They may also be presented in Russian or English.
Scholarships will be granted on terms of competition.
The deadline for delivery of applications is October 30. Decisions as to results are available to those concerned since December 15.
Excerpts from Regulations Regarding Scholarship Grants Offered by the Mianowski Fund
Personal Questionnaire for Persons Intending to Apply for a Scholarship from Mianowski Fund (in English)
Personal Questionnaire for Persons Intending to Apply for a Scholarship from Mianowski Fund (in Russian

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